Being the change before seeing the change 💸

Ashleya Nicole

img_6814 Life span of dandelions

We never give ourselves enough credit. I mean, when was the last time you were actually proud of yourself? Not by your mama’s morals or society’s standards… but by yours?

I personally only have this issue in a few aspects of my life. Take this perfect example, if I go on a job interview and inquiry about the pay grade of the position. I automatically calculate if it’s worth my value. It’s innate, I can measure this and decide whether to stay or walk out. (That only happened once)

Conversely, when pricing out things I create to sell… I lowball myself into the gutter.

So where’s the disconnect? Both scenarios contain a barter system type of exchange. Services/goods in return for funds. And yet… there’s a difference. Moreover, my peers and I realize this is a form of insanity. (It’s an epidemic!)

So here‘s my message to…

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