I’ve been feeling discouraged lately. It is not a cool place to be. Mentally, I know I’m capable of doing my job, but emotionally, I’m scratching the bottom of the barrel for motivation.

So how do I build myself back up? How do I renew my motivation to do what I need to do?

It’s crazy how I can come up with solutions, but I’m finding it hard to implement them. Still I’ll share my thoughts on what I need to do. Whether I do them or not, is another story.

1. Sleep – lack of sleep is definitely affecting my mood. I know I need more of it, but so many tasks call for my attention that I neglect to give myself the time to rest like I should. So…my solution is to just get to sleep. Some things will just have to wait. I can’t keep going in this perpetual cycle of staying up late and feeling exhausted the next day only to repeat. 

2. Work – I just want to be effective in what I do, but lately I feel like I’m banging my head on a wall. I wish I could motivate my clients to take advantage of my services, but I can’t. It’s making me feel useless and adding to my overall feeling of discouragement. I need to find a way to turn this around. The change has to come from me. My clientele is not going to change. I need to start each day fresh, reflect on how I can do better, and do it. That sounds easy enough.

3. Home – It should have been my first thought, but I guess it shows how after sleep and work, home doesn’t get much of me. It’s strange because it’s the reason I work – to provide for home and yet all the work I do leaves me drained and cranky. So what can I do to change that? Leave work at work. Do what I can do, make a to do list and go home. Try to be fully present at home. Put the devices down and enjoy my family. I love watching my youngest’s face light up when I walk in the door. I should use that joy to rejuvenate me. Find those moments to keep me going, take a picture of it, post it at work, and remind myself why I get up in the morning.

Now to start doing these things myself. On “GI Joe”, they always said “knowing is half the battle.” I think knowing isn’t half the battle, it’s the easy part. The battle is doing what I know needs to be done even though it’s going to be hard. I think, as strange as it sounds, I’m comfortable in this rut and it’s going to take effort to climb out of it. Cheers to everyone that’s found their way out. Prayers for the rest of us fighting with ourselves to take the first step.

by Angelique Grey


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