You’re my weakness. I find myself unable to resist you. Your touch leaves me craving more and more. I tell myself to pull away, but it’s useless.

You’re my black hole. Your gravitational pull makes it difficult to leave you when I know I must. The closer I am to you, the harder you are to resist. The door closes and I fall into you.

You’re my temptation. My lust for you can’t be satiated. Even when I’ve had my fill, I want more. I’m greedy when it comes to you. A taste is nice, but never enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m whole without you. I chose to open myself to you. I chose to allow you to take residence in my heart. It’s a decision I made when I said “yes” the day we met. I took steps to bring you to this position in my life. And now that you’re here, I have no plans to let go.

by Angelique Grey

notes: I have no idea what this is, but I wrote it.


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