I’m editing “The Choice”. It was previously a fanfiction and now I’m “chipping away” at it hoping that a publishable story arises. Anyway, I’m realizing that I took some liberties in the first draft that I don’t think will be appreciated by others.

Liberties are the freedoms authors have in creating magic, mutant abilities, and other supernatural phenomena. As the creators, we determine truths and build worlds that don’t depend on the realities of this world. It is exciting to answer the what-if?’s with the improbable and the impossible. However, we still have to follow our own rules.

I created the rules with the liberties afforded to me by being the author, but I still have to follow them. They can be bent almost to the point of breaking them, but they have to be followed.

So back to the point of this post, in my first draft of “The Choice” I broke the rules. So, I’m left with a couple options.

1)Change the rules, or
2)change the story.

There might be more choices like 

3)keep the story the way it is and then explain the exception later, or
4)keep the story the way it is and let others speculate about how it was even possible. 

Choices, choices, choices. So if anyone is reading the story, I have a decision to make before I post another update. I would apologize for the delay, but…I don’t think it’s necessary. I doubt if anyone did more than skim a few lines and press the like button to get me to check out their page.

Tangent: On that note, I don’t press the star unless I’ve read the post. I’d love for the person to check out my blog, but it’s only because I honestly checked out a post or two on theirs.

I digress. I think it’s important to ignore the rules on the first draft. Do what you want. Entertain every possible outcome and situation. The following drafts are for cleaning up and making your story clearer. Liberties – take chances the first time through. The second and third run-throughs – it’s time to follow the rules you want to keep and change the ones you don’t. Any inconsistencies after that? Let your beta readers and plot editor find them. You probably wouldn’t find them anyway because they just make sense to you by then. 

Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear what others have to say on this topic.

by Angelique Grey


2 thoughts on “Liberties

  1. Interesting…..I think I would do what felt right and then get honest feedback to let you know whether inconsistencies in your rules detracts from the story.

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