So about that Pepsi ad…

So the Pepsi commercial didn’t make any sense to me. I didn’t understand what they were trying to get across. Of course, they tried to make it clear in the end with the captions “live bolder” and “live for now” at the end, but that’s not what I took away from it.

Then I see the tweets and reactions to it and I didn’t understand that either. Block me, unfollow me, do what you have to, but I’d prefer for someone to explain what I’m missing.

People are saying Pepsi was trying to mock the BLM protests and claim the solution to police brutality and racism is their soda.

I didn’t get that from the commercial. What I saw was a moving block party that was supposedly a march for peace, a girl leave a photo shoot (which I thought was irresponsible) and give a can of Pepsi to a relaxed police officer to which the crowd cheered and started hugging each other. I don’t see the similarities to this moving group of people to a Black Lives Matter protest. I don’t get the impression that they were crying out for justice for those men and women of color killed by police officers or the many injustices that happen everyday to individuals because of the color of their skin. I don’t see the similarities in the image of the woman getting arrested by police in full riot gear to that girl handing a Pepsi to an officer that didn’t even have a bullet vest on. I don’t see the similarities which doesn’t allow me to see the mockery everyone else claims is in the video.

That Pepsi can didn’t solve anything because there was no conflict in the commercial.

If the video had people passionately protesting, I would have seen the similarities. Instead, they’re having a party, dancing, and drinking Pepsi.

If the video had police officers in full riot gear and on guard against the mass of people, I would have seen the similarities. Instead, they’re standing there, relaxed. There was no tension in the scene.

If the video had people calling for justice for the murdered people of color by the police or even an end to racism, I would have seen the similarities. Instead, it’s a peace party with an assortment of races, sexualities, and religions.

If anything, Pepsi tried too hard to reach an audience that doesn’t take marching for a cause lightly. But to say the company’s commercial mocked protests and claims their products can end racism and police brutality was a stretch for me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be offended because I can’t tell anyone what should or shouldn’t offend them. I’m saying it didn’t offend me.


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