Mid-book thoughts

I’m reading “Titan” by Ben Bova. It’s my first book written by this author and I must say, he weaves people and situations together in a way I wouldn’t have thought about. By some standards he’s taking too long to get to whatever it is that supposed to be happening, 

I feel like Ben Bova is setting up the board and moving the pieces and I’m just waiting to see what’s really going on. Now almost halfway through the book the accountant has figured out that the there’s a discrepancy in the books that happens every sixteen days plus or minus. And my brain starts turning like, 16 days….16 days…that sounds familiar. Guess what else happens on average every sixteen days? 

Titan’s revolution around Saturn happens every 16 days. What could this mean? I don’t know, but I have some predictions.

I think some type of lifeform on Titan is messing with the computers on this space station. The solar mirrors are off, the lights are flickering, and if someone doesn’t figure out how or why soon it’s not going to be pleasant.

Meanwhile Eberly is shady, Urbain is obsessed with finding his legacy and neglecting his gullible wife, and I’m still wondering who wrote the master program that won’t allow Titan to uplink. Maybe it was the same person that is messing with the space station computers. What if it’s not a “person” at all?

I love science fiction.

By Angelique Grey


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