Just finished…#2

Titan by Ben Bova

This book is set in the year 2095 on a colony ship orbiting Saturn. Although it’s set in the future, you find that people are still having some of the same issues we have today. Humans are still curious, politicians are still dubious, and the question about intelligent life besides our own is still being asked.

This story has several storylines which was different than the last book I read (click here to check out my last review). Written in third person omniscient, it takes a little bit of time to get to know the characters and how they relate to each other. A number of storylines deal with a probe sent to Saturn’s moon, Titan. After landing, it sends data of its systems checks and then shuts down communication with mission control completely. As the legacy of Dr. Urbain, the tension and stress of the probe being lost on the moon becomes intertwined with the tension and stress of Mr. Eberly’s re-election campaign. I don’t want to give away the story, but Bova shows us what happens to relationships when everyone is hungry for admiration and are willing to employ different strategies to get it.

I felt like the author was pointing out the pieces of the game, giving me the rules of the game, and then showing me how the pieces were moving around the board, but not quite telling me how it was going to end.

I really should find a rating scale for my reviews, but in the meantime I’ll give my opinion. The story built slowly for me. A friend of mine said he felt the same way about another book he’d read by Bova which leads me to to think it is part of his style. My friend also told me it was hard to keep reading at times, but he hung in there and the ending was worth it.

I agree.  If you have the patience to watch the story come together, read this. I would have opted for a different ending, but I enjoyed the book. 

By Angelique Grey


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