Pseudonym questions

I haven’t done much research into why this is, but apparently “Diana Diamond” is the pseudonym of an author by the name of William Kennedy.

He’s published under his own name and this pseudonym. So my question is…why?

Why publish under a pseudonym when you have success under your own name? Was it to draw a female audience by having a female name on the cover?

I’m going to read it and do more research later into why he chose to publish this way. If anyone knows or had an opinion, feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “Pseudonym questions

  1. I’ve heard of people using pseudonyms to publish in different genres. It’s more about overcoming already established preconceptions about what the book/story will be like based on their previously published novels. Nora Roberts has done this and I know of other women authors who have different pseudonyms for each genre in which they publish.

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