So about that United passenger…

This is the second time I find myself in the minority. I read the news, watched the video, and I still interpreted the United Airlines situation completely different than what I’m seeing on social media.

Yes, it’s messed up United overbooked their flight. Yes, it’s messed up they allowed the passengers to board before asking them to give up their seats. Yes, it’s messed up that they couldn’t get anyone to volunteer to get off. But guess what happened when they asked the adults to get off of the plane. They probably grumbled and complained the whole time, but…

…they got off the plane, like adults. I repeat, like adults. I say again, like adults.

This man that apparently claimed he was a doctor acted like a child. A child that was told to get off the plane and refused. Reminds me of what I’ve seen children do on the playground when their parent tells them it’s time to go. Their arms are folded, their face set, and they insist that they shall not be moved.

The presence of the police should have been enough, but just like a child that ignores the sternness in his parent’s voice, he ignored their authority.

Well, they had the authority to remove him and they did.

How can United do this? It’s part of the agreement that we oftentimes overlook in our rush to buy a plane ticket at the lowest price.

“If airlines can’t get passengers to switch of their own volition, they’re allowed to bump fliers involuntarily.” – CNN Money (

This man just showed how far he would go to be “bumped” involuntarily. He was childish and they treated him the same way I would have treated my child if he had done the same thing.

But not everyone sees it this way.

Everyone wants to blame United for having this man removed from the plane when they had the authority to deny him the flight. Everyone wants to look at the manner in which he was removed instead of considering that he should have simply removed himself.

But like I said I’m in the minority. I don’t see this situation the same way. I see an adult behaving like a child and unfortunately those on board had to witness it.

Now if it turns out that the injuries he sustained were because he was mishandled or roughed up, then that was wrong. No one should be mistreated, but he was not mistreated in the fact that he had to get off the plane. He just didn’t want to adhere to the fine print he agreed to when he bought the ticket.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve expressed mine. Feel free to leave a comment. Respectful discussion is always encouraged. 


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