I’m a writer and I hope to publish one day. I started this blog to interact with other literary artists. You can follow me on twitter too – @angeliquegrey3.

I feel the need to explain my menu.

Just Finished… A collection of reviews. I plan to read a lot of different books to learn how to write better. I’m not a professional reviewer, but my plan is to describe what I liked, what I didn’t care for, what I learned, and a short description of the story.

Effects (WIP) – a work in progress. I apologize to anyone that reads it and is waiting for an update, but it’s a story I’m writing as it comes to me. So far I’ve completed 4 “chapters” and hope to write more soon. No promises, just a hope.

Shorts – a collection of stories, snippets of stories, doodles, and prompted fiction. Each short ranges in length from 100 to >3000 words.

Thoughts – personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings. They aren’t meant to offend anyone and you’re welcome to respectfully comment.

Poetry – my attempts at poetry. I have no claims that I have any skill. If you read one you like, let me know.


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