Just Finished… #5

The Green Trap by Ben Bova This is the second book I have read authored by Ben Bova. The book is noticeably smaller and less complicated than Titan (check out my review here). I can appreciate Bova’s change in style along with his ability to write across different genre. ¬†It is my goal to do […]

The Town

“Are you serious? You’ve never seen ‘the Town’?” “Yes, I’m serious. I’ve never seen ‘the Town’. What’s it about?” I asked looking at the dumbfounded expression on their faces. Alicia and her sister, Amber, were sitting on the couch looking at me with their jaws hanging in disbelief. I enjoyed watching movies, but I was […]

I got some…

I got some words that I probably won’t say because they’re not very nice. I got some thoughts that I probably won’t share because they’d show you how I really feel. I got some deeds that I probably won’t tell you about because you wouldn’t look at me the same way. I got some things […]


“Valerie,” my teacher said causing me to glance up from my doodling, “you have partner?” My teacher’s attempts at English were fair, but annoying. I didn’t want to be partnered up with anyone, I just wanted to finish this last class of the day and be done with it. I shook my head to her […]

The Last Time

“Do you even want to be married?” He stood there looking at me. His eyes showed the pain he was feeling, but the set of his jaw let me know it was mixed with anger. “How could you ask me that, David?” “Cause somehow you let another man come between us?” “I don’t want anyone […]

It’s true

It’s true what they say, you know? Sometimes things move when you’re not looking. But sometimes when you open your eyes quickly enough, you can catch them. I thought I was going crazy. My head throbbed and all I wanted to do was close my eyes. When I laid down to go to sleep, I […]

Just Finished #4

Europa Report by Philip Gelatt Europa Report is a movie I just watched on Netflix. Click here for the trailer. Although I originally started this “Just Finished” series for my review of books, I’m making an exception for this film. A six member international crew sets out to explore Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon. Why? […]