Just finished…#3

The Good Sister by Diana Diamond Told in mostly 3rd person omniscient, the story follows two sisters, Catherine and Jennifer, and their mentor, Peter. Both intelligent and accomplished, all three are the heads of a multi-billion dollar company. The first chapter and about three others are told in first person. After reading the first chapter, […]


One bonus of belonging to a fanfiction community is the feedback. I believe that helped me thrive and now that I’ve left that, comments are sparse and likes are simply invitations to check out another’s blog. I’m not sure what your opinion is of fanfiction, but that’s where I started. In fact, “The Choice” is […]

So about that United passenger…

This is the second time I find myself in the minority. I read the news, watched the video, and I still interpreted the United Airlines situation completely different than what I’m seeing on social media. Yes, it’s messed up United overbooked their flight. Yes, it’s messed up they allowed the passengers to board before asking […]

The Choice – a short story

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to a simpler time in my life. Not that my life was ever really simple, but at least I wasn’t deciding the fate of the world.  I didn’t ask for this, but what would you do? What would you do if you stood at the fork in the […]

Pseudonym questions

I haven’t done much research into why this is, but apparently “Diana Diamond” is the pseudonym of an author by the name of William Kennedy. He’s published under his own name and this pseudonym. So my question is…why? Why publish under a pseudonym when you have success under your own name? Was it to draw […]

Just finished…#2

Titan by Ben Bova This book is set in the year 2095 on a colony ship orbiting Saturn. Although it’s set in the future, you find that people are still having some of the same issues we have today. Humans are still curious, politicians are still dubious, and the question about intelligent life besides our […]

Mid-book thoughts

I’m reading “Titan” by Ben Bova. It’s my first book written by this author and I must say, he weaves people and situations together in a way I wouldn’t have thought about. By some standards he’s taking too long to get to whatever it is that supposed to be happening,  I feel like Ben Bova […]