Update – May 7, 2017

For anyone that follows me and became used to me posting with regularity, I apologize for my absence. My fictional writing has taken a backseat to everyday life. I have been contributing to a website – Her Real Talk. I hope you’ll check out the website here and subscribe. I just shared some articles that […]

Jordan Edwards – Unarmed & Black – Her Real Talk

A life was lost on Saturday night. 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was killed by a police officer as he left a party. This story has become too common for the unarmed and Black. But as I watched this story unfold, I noticed a few differences. No smear campaign When Trayvon Martin’s murder was reported, the media […] […]

Staying Woke in America – Her Real Talk

Are you woke? Woke, for those that don’t know, is the term used to describe individuals that have come to the realization that discrimination is real. Unfortunately, a number of individuals continue to ‘sleep’ on what is happening everyday around them. School girls in Africa realized their hair should not have to conform to what […] […]

Just finished…#3

The Good Sister by Diana Diamond Told in mostly 3rd person omniscient, the story follows two sisters, Catherine and Jennifer, and their mentor, Peter. Both intelligent and accomplished, all three are the heads of a multi-billion dollar company. The first chapter and about three others are told in first person. After reading the first chapter, […]


One bonus of belonging to a fanfiction community is the feedback. I believe that helped me thrive and now that I’ve left that, comments are sparse and likes are simply invitations to check out another’s blog. I’m not sure what your opinion is of fanfiction, but that’s where I started. In fact, “The Choice” is […]